Finding the Best Investment For 2014 and Beyond

It’s only natural to want to have the best investment in your pocket so you can make money investing, and lots of it. So, how might you go about finding the best investment for 2014 and beyond?In hindsight it’s always easy to make money investing, but we’ll play it straight here and look at the past only for clues to the best investment ideas for 2014… and then single it down to the single best investment. Keep an open mind, because most investors overlook opportunities because they are unaware of many of their options.We’re looking for extremes here, like something that appears to be selling real cheap. And to be realistic, we’ll need to take risk into consideration. Not really cheap: stocks and bonds in general, gold, silver, real estate, other commodities, and most foreign securities. There’s always the chance that some small stock somewhere will turn out to be a gem, and the best investment for 2014. But let’s get real, that’s a very risky long shot, not worth betting more than a few hundred bucks on. We want to make money investing, with decent odds to make money.In our search for the best investment ideas, I mentioned looking for extremes, WITH AN OPEN MIND. Nothing appears to be real cheap, so let’s go the other way. What looks too expensive? This is a way to make money investing most folks are not aware of. Bonds are expensive, and you could make money in them with the right bet. But bond prices don’t move fast enough, so let’s eliminate bonds from our list of very best investment ideas. Gold, silver, and most of the other options mentioned above are just not expensive enough.What about looking at stocks in general and different categories of stocks, since we’ve already eliminated trying to find one best stock because it’s just too risky? Stocks look expensive, and in general have gone up in price more than 150% over the past five years. If earnings announcements and expectations disappoint investors, stocks will look even more expensive as 2014 unfolds. Let’s keep them on our list of best investment ideas.Some categories of stocks like certain high tech sectors and small-company stocks in general have become even more expensive. Let’s move them to the top of our list of best investment ideas for 2014 and beyond. Now, how do we make money investing in stocks that we consider too expensive to buy?We don’t buy them… we take a short position… which means we bet that they will fall. Now we get more specific as we look for the best investment to jump on, and then the best and simplest way to do this. The high tech sector is a little too specific for me, so I will focus on small-company stocks in general, as tracked by the Russell 2000 Index. As goes the index, so goes the price of small-company stocks in general. To get more specific, we are going to try to make money investing by betting that the above index will fall.Stock options (called “puts”) could give us maximum financial leverage, but there are two inherent negatives working against us here: higher commissions, and a premium you pay over the intrinsic value, which erodes up until the time the options expire. Options have an expiration date and can expire worthless… making them too risky for average investors. There is a simpler way to make money investing on a bet that a stock index like the Russell 2000 will fall.”Inverse equity” exchange traded funds (ETFs) are the average investor’s best investment vehicle for taking a “short position” in a stock index. They trade as stocks, do not expire, and commission is about $10 per trade with most discount brokers. You make money investing when the stock index falls. Financial leverage can be 3 to 1. Hence, if an index falls 50% in 2014, you could make 150%, as an example.Hindsight tells us that there’s always a best investment somewhere. Finding it in real time is a different matter. But if you want to make money investing on a consistent basis, you should recognize that going short in stocks to hedge against major losses is a valid tool. There’s uncertainty out there in 2014. Open your mind when you look for the best investment ideas.

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Credit Cards for Good Credit Compared to Credit Cards for Poor Credit

If you are reading this article you might be considering applying for a credit card. Submitting an online credit card application is the easy part. What is more difficult is choosing the credit card that will meet your needs. Don’t limit yourself by refusing to learn the details about Credit Cards for People with Good Credit Compared to Credit Cards for People with Poor Credit. The more you know, the easier it will be to focus on what’s important.Applying for a credit card with excellent credit gives the applicant the option to pick and choose the best credit card deals with 0% APR, low interest rate, no annual fee, cash back and rewards that will save a substantial amount of money. Also, credit card applicants with excellent credit can apply online and get instant online credit card approval within seconds of filling out their application. This situation is very convenient and beneficial because there is no need to wait for weeks to get an approval or denial from the credit card issuer.On the other hand if your credit is poor, it’s un-likely you will be approved for the best credit card offers. Therefore, your credit card choices will be limited to certain credit card types such as secured credit cards and pre-paid cards. With a secured card, applicants are required to “secure” the line of credit on a card by using a cash collateral deposit that will then become the amount of credit available on the card. If an applicant secures the card with a $200 collateral deposit from his or her checking or savings account, he/she will have $200 in available credit on the card. Some cards offer additional credit over the collateral deposit.The funds for the pre-paid cards also known as stored value cards can be loaded from a checking/savings account or from ATMs. Prepaid card holders cannot go over their spending limit or credit line because they can only spend up to the amount of money in their account. However, secured credit card holders may be allowed to charge more than the available funds if they consistently pay their monthly credit card bills on time.Many of the best credit cards have excellent rewards and cash back program to save the card holders money. These rewards and cash back programs varies from getting up to 5% cash back whenever you make gasoline purchase or rewards such as bonuses for frequent flyer miles which can be used for free airline ticket or free hotel room. Maintaining a good credit score is essential as many banks use credit score models to predict the credit applicant’s future ability to meet debt obligations. Therefore, having a good credit history is a good prediction of future credit obligation.Having bad credit can be very stressful but it is not the end of the road. There are several things that can be done to improve your credit score over time. One of the best ways to start the process of rebuilding your credit is to apply for a secure credit card that reports your payment history to the three major credit bureaus which are Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. Once you credit card history is reported without recorded late payment you will start to see a gradual improvement in your credit score over time. Another important factor is not to apply for too much credit within a short period of time.Secured credit cards are never declined due to bad credit and they are frequently used as a means to establish or re-establish credit. These credit cards are similar to a regular credit card because they carry the Visa and MasterCard logo and are accepted anywhere a regular credit card is accepted. The difference between a regular credit card and a secured credit card is that the money you are using to make purchases with the secured credit card is yours.All credit card applicants should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the offers for which they have applied. It is important to have the knowledge of the interest rates for the card and also a clear understanding of the consequences of making late payments. Keep in mind that most secured cards charges an annual fee and have high interest rates unlike pre-paid cards that do not charge interest. Some pre-paid cards do charge annual fees. Knowing this information can help an applicant avoid getting into a worse financial situation and digging themselves deeper in debt.

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Make Money Online – The Basics On Exactly How To Start Earning Money Online

I think most of us came here to search for means to make money online. So below I am, exposing methods to make money online!Make Money Online with Google AdSense:Google AdSense is the only method to make real cash online. Google AdSense, commonly simply AdSense, is a powerful ad serving program run by Google. Internet site owners can enlist in this program to make it possible for message, image as well as video promotions on their websites. All you have to do is puts some code on your internet site and advertisements will be shown that are relevant to the material on your page. These ads are carried out by Google and also create income on either a per-click or per-thousand-impressions basis.Generate Income Online with Associate Advertising:Affiliate Advertising is one of the most effective methods to earn money online. An affiliate program on the internet is just where a website is selling an item and also they will certainly pay you a commission on every sale you produce from the traffic you send them. So all you need to do is send your site visitors to one more web page. Popular web sites like ClickBank as well as CJ serve the purpose to assist you do associate marketing by discovering the right item. There are a lot of methods needed to do affiliate advertising so a lot of digital books are offered online.Earn Money Online with Google AdWords:Google AdWords is one more pay-per-click advertising and marketing company run by Google. In Google AdWords, you can place promotions at their internet search engine as well as get quality traffic. However the discussion depends upon well is your touchdown page. Visualize you pay $0.10 for each top quality visit as well as you got one sales of $30 in every 100 gos to. You are making a profit of $20.Generate Income with Online Auctions:Make money online with online auctions is among the 20th as well as 21st century’s most reputable, real as well as examined, home businesses. Merely acquire low, sell high and take the distinction to supplement your revenue. Numerous individuals sell on or various other on-line auctions internet site as a full-time job and make well over 6 numbers.Make Money with Paid Surveys:While not one of the most profitable of home businesses, Paid Studies are easy and simple as well as Yes, you can make money online with them. You can make 4 or 5 dollars a pop, which can add up especially if you do a few paid surveys each day in your leisure.Make Money Online Freelancing:There is no such thing as a complimentary. Neither exists a very easy way to make money, particularly from house. To make yourself employable, you require to make certain that you have actually the required ability along with great advertising and marketing as well as social abilities. An audio portfolio (for striving authors, editors, photographers, developers, and so on) is a must.Today numerous personal business and MNCs are employing people that choose working out of their homes. A host of chances exist for house work in locations as varied as telemarketing, selling insurance policy, data access, inputting, data conversion, copywriting, accounting, composing (scholastic as well as journalistic writing), editing and enhancing and also evidence reading, website design, material development, Internet-based study for business, visuals style and also desktop publishing, programming, audio and also video modifying, translation job and also etc is readily available.With a fair little bit of technology abilities (inputting as well as word processing skills, being PC literate), entrepreneurs can utilize the globally web to start firms and job from the benefit of their houses.Prior to you enter the house work groove, make sure you have the requisite certifications, equipment, and time management skills to persuade possible employers that you are the best individual for the work.There are a great deal of means to make money online, so you do not require to restrict yourself with simply one method. Explore even more ways that you can to earn money online.

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