News Profiteer Review – Is This Forex News Trading System a Scam?

Did the News Profiteer Forex news trading system by Henry Liu really make a 126% return on capital in just 3 short months? Apparently, this is what Henry claims that his news trading system has done, but it seemed really hard to believe at first. As every Forex trader would know, Forex brokers typically widen their spreads during news release times, making it hard for news traders to profit from any price movements. This made me even more curious to find out about the News Profiteer System.

1. How Do You Trade The Forex News Releases Profitably?

As Henry puts it, if a trader can anticipate the fundamentals of the market, he or she will own the market. After testing his system for over a month and trading with the methods and currency pairs listed in his guide, I have found this theory to be quite true. The timing of the trade must be right though in order to avoid getting caught during the widening of spreads.

2. Why Do Forex Brokers Hate News Traders So Much?

When news are being released, there will be much fewer bids in the market. To execute your order, your broker may need to take all the risk by accepting your position. Thus, any gain that you make from any price movement will be your broker’s loss. Thus brokers typically widen their spreads to protect themselves.

3. Is News Profiteer Worth The Money?

This system will give you the knowledge and a proven system to make money again and again whenever news reports are released. The value of this knowledge has been very well worth the cost for me, and I highly recommend it to any Forex trader who is interested to learn how to make money with FX fundamentals.

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