Flash Memory Vs Mini DV (Digital Video) Camcorders

If you’re interested in camcorders you’ve no doubt come across a variety of different models that use differing formats. The two major formats are those of Mini DV and Flash Card based cameras.Mini DV records Digital Video onto a small cassette and has been one of the most popular formats to use for the last several years. This has been a popular format for student and independent filmmakers, because the end product can be altered so as to look like film. The Flash based camcorders, however, use small SD cards to save data onto.Often times one of the primary factors in making a decision like this is the price. One can typically get a flash based camera for a lower price, but the quality of the video suffers. The advantageous thing about this, aside from saving money, is that SD cards do not typically have the propensity to wear out, unlike their Mini DV competitors. DV cassettes act like any format that records onto tape and begins to deteriorate if recorded onto several times.Another advantage to the Flash based camcorder is that they are easy to transfer video off of. You can simply eject an SD card and put it in your computer’s card reader. Whereas the DV cameras typically use a cable to transfer video onto the computer and into a video editing (or capturing) program, in order to be able to save the video to the computer.There are, of course exceptions to these general guidelines. There are a variety of pricey, but considerably higher quality flash cameras available that have the ability to put their Digital Video competitors to shame.If you need to take a quick, easy video of the family, or are a less experienced camera operator, then Flash Based cameras are usually the correct routes to take. But, if you want to make an independent film Mini DV is typically the way to go.But, you should keep in mind that camcorders come in a variety of models and one shouldn’t be hasty in making up their mind. Regardless of the general features and benefits of Flash based and Mini DV camcorders, there are a lot of different features in each and every model out there and it’s not a bad idea to check reviews of them via the internet prior to making an expensive commitment to owning some new, state of the art electronics.

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